Home Care Partnership


Active partnerships are an integral part of the Sunshine Kids experience. At Sunshine Kids, we believe that children benefit most when there is a strong partnerships between the Centre and parents that involve consultation, collaboration, and negotiation. To create workable partnerships, the Centre acknowledges the variety of parenting practices and values the social and cultural diversity of families.

Partnerships between home and Centre are strengthened when partners focus on :

  • Enhancing the well being of children,
  • Actively listening to each other,
  • Seeking knowledge,
  • Sharing understanding of the children,
  • Respecting and responding to each other’s expertise and contribution,
  • Communicating their expectations with openness and honesty.

Through both formal and informal channels, the strategies we use to communicate with parents may include :

  • Visuals – photographs, samples of children’s literacy, pictorial, and art work;
  • Oral – telephone, discussions, and parents-teachers meetings
  • Written – notes, daily observation records, messages in the communication book